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Custom made foot orthotics are hand-crafted insoles made out of the highest quality material and worn inside your shoe. They are individually designed to relieve foot, ankle, knee hip and/or lower back pain. By altering the position of your foot, they can limit themovement in your unstable foot joints and provide support to excessively stressed areas. This redistribution of pressure through the kinetic chain has proven to have a positive effect on knees, hips and lower back.

Types of Custom Made Foot Orthotics

Here are 3 types of custom made foot orthotic designs but there are many more variations:

Rigid: made of a firm plastic material and is used primarily for a dress style shoe. They typically extend to the metatarsal bones in your foot. Rigid custom made foot orthotics are designed to control motion in the major joints of your foot which lie directly below your ankle joint. These devices are generally longer lasting due to the more rigid materials used during fabrication.

Semi-Rigid: constructed from a variety of materials such as flexible plastics, high density rubber and other thermoplastc materials. Semi-rigid custom made foot orthotics are used in the majority of cases where biomechanical issues require correction such as forefoot deformities, hyperpronation, shin splints, knee pain, hip pain, lower back pain
and sciatica.

Soft: this type of custom made foot orthotic absorbs shock, increase balance, and take pressure off uncomfortable, sore spots. They are particularly effective for arthritic and deformed feet where there is a loss of protective fatty tissue. It is also widely used in the
care of the diabetic foot.